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Authentic Leadership – Effective Leadership for Agile, Lean & DevOps

Cracow, Poland
March 22-23, 2018

A Valuable 2-Day Masterclass for Leaders and their Direct Reports –  Getting results applying Agile, Lean & DevOps is common but usually relies on a handful of people who carry most of the weight because they are excited by the new tools and methods. These early adopters act as champions of change and are essential at […]

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Lean IT Forum 2018 – Closing Keynote

Cracow, Poland
March 21, 2018

Accelerating Innovation with Lean, Agile and DevOps From the perspective of Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps what is innovation and why is it important? Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps provide a solid collection of tools and methods to create more effective IT teams and value streams, but what steps and tools can we leverage to […]

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Lead with Respect Workshop at LEI HQ!

Boston, MA
February 21 - 22, 2018

Lead with Respect – Practicing Respect for People to Enable Engagement, Teamwork & Accountability at the Lean Enterprise Insititute Building a great organization requires effective leadership. It turns out that leadership skills can be learned. A key element that is often misunderstood is what it means to lead with respect. This learning session explores why […]

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Strategic Planning Workshop (Private)

Washington D.C.
January 14 - 15, 2018

A two-day work session focused on the creation/fine-tuning of a strategic plan (day 1) and tactical execution (day 2) Day 1: Understanding strategy in relation to mission, values, and vision Cultural impact on strategy Developing the core components of strategy Creating measures that matter Introduction: a framework for executing a strategy (if we have time […]

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Applying Standard Work to Create Flow for Service

The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio
January 9, 2018

A case study utilizing a service center at Nationwide Insurance is used to illustrate the application of lean in a service environment Creating Flow in a Service Environment module includes: Leveraging standard work in a service environment including quantifying demand, analyzing takt, and resource utilization Identifying impediments to flow related to work balance, actual versus takt, […]

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Leading Change Workshop (Private)

San Luis Obispo, CA
December 5 & 6, 2017

Building a great organization requires effective leadership. One of the most difficult challenges is getting people onboard when significant change is introduced in the workplace. This is particularly true when major changes in technology impact work routines for people who have performed their job in the same way for long periods of time. Leading change […]

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Agile New Zealand – Keynote and Workshops

Te Papa, Wellington, NZ
November 7, 2017

Connecting the Dots: Agile, DevOps, Lean IT  “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.” This quote captures the fact that in the complex world of IT we need the best insights and methods Agile, DevOps and Lean IT offer to drive radical improvement. No single body of knowledge has all the answers, yet […]

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Ask the Author Webinar: Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

October 31, 2017 at 11 AM EDT

Join us for the next Ask the Author webinar on October 31 at 11:00 a.m. EDT! Listen to author and thought leader Mike Orzen talk with Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute, about the newest Drilldown course: Value Stream Mapping for DevOps. This non-certification course “drills down” into the principles and practices necessary for mapping IT’s […]

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Lean IT Summit Keynote

Paris France
March 14, 2017

Lean IT, DevOps & Agile – Learnings from Nationwide Six years ago, Nationwide (an insurance and financial services company with US$26 billion in annual revenues) embarked on building industry leading software engineering capabilities. Their lean journey has enabled and engaged their 9,000+ person IT organization to deliver great solutions to customers and partners with ever-increasing […]

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Lean IT Summit – Lean IT Master Class: Building Your Lean IT Roadmap

Paris France
March 13, 2017

This one day workshop, based on the book, The Lean IT Field Guide by Mike Orzen and Tom Paider, will provide participants with an understanding of the foundational elements needed for a successful lean transformation and practical experience identifying and executing the key activities of pre-launch and day zero activities.

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Lean IT Foundation Certification Workshop

Fairfield Inn & Suites OSU, Columbus Ohio
November 9 and 10, 2016

Course Description  IT organizations are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and value for the business. Lean IT is applied to transform your IT organization to a customer-focused, efficient and transparent IT organization that can deliver sustainable results to the business. The Lean IT Foundation training covers all elements to introduce […]

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A Roadmap for Transformation – Clarifying the Path Forward

Worcester, MA
October 5, 2016

If it works in IT, it can work anywhere! Every organization pursuing change and transformation is looking for clarity around what to do, when to do it, and key checkpoints along the way. Why do the vast majority of lean transformations fall short of the benefits expected? What are the key elements that distinguish a successful […]

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Shingo Training Comes to Portland, Oregon

Beaverton, Oregon
Sept. 14/15 & 16/17, 2016

Considered the “gold standard” in transformational change towards Operational Excellence, tThe Shingo Institute is a not-for-profit organization housed at Utah State University and named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Business System.  The […]

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Back by Popular Demand: The Leading with Respect Workshop at the 28th International Shingo Conference

Washington DC
April 26, 2016

I’d like to invite you to join me in Washington, DC for the 28th International Shingo Conference. It will be my pleasure to teach a pre-conference workshop, Leading with Respect: Enabling Engagement, Teamwork & Accountability. As one of my contacts, you will receive a 5% discount on the price of my workshop. When you register […]

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The Ohio State University – Center for Operational Excellence

Columbus, Ohio
April 12-14, 2016

In less than two weeks, nearly 400 process excellence leaders from around the country are coming together in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll be providing a special one-day workshop on Leading with Respect.

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Gap Assessment Based on the Shingo Model for Operational Excellence

Private Location
April 5 & 6, 2016

An experienced Shingo Prize examiner will visit your company and perform a gap analysis to help you understand how your performance compares to the internationally recognized Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence model.

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Lean Transformation Summit 2016

Las Vegas, NV
March 15 and 16, 2016

Pre-summit workshop: Driving outcomes centered on Results & Relationships: Effective leadership requires a dual focus: achieve great results through great behavior. Fostering the right behavior in others requires solid relationships built on trust, respect, transparency, and consistency. The results you need to achieve can only be reached through the efforts of your people. As your […]

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Lean IT Association Executive Webinar – Lean IT in Action: A Tale of Two IT Transformations

Your Computer
March 8, 2016

Why do the vast majority of Lean IT transformations fall short of the benefits expected? What are the key elements that distinguish a successful Lean IT transformation? Are all Lean IT transformations alike? Are there some key elements which can increase the likelihood of a successful Lean IT transformation? Are ITL, DevOps,  Lean IT all going for the […]

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Shingo Training – First Two Workshops of the Series!

Nampa (Boise), ID
March 22/23 and 24/25, 2016

Please join me for two amazing workshops: Discover Excellence and Cultural Enablers, the first two workshops in the 4-part Shingo series! The Shingo curriculum represents the world standard in Enterprise Excellence training. Once again, we have the opportunity to present these two workshops at Plexus Boise. This company is embracing the Shingo principles of excellence and cultural change and is […]

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Winshuttle UG Conference 2016

Las Vegas, NV
February 18, 2016

Mike Orzen will be presenting a workshop covering the basics of Lean IT and Beyond. The talk with include the 5 core concepts of Lean, Lean IT principles, Service management, ITIL, Agile, DevOps and all the rest. The Lean IT Transformation will be explored with a an emphasis on how to move from planning to doing! […]

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20th Annual IT Service Management Conference – Pink ’16

Las Vegas, NV
February 15 - 17, 2016

Once again, Mike has been invited back to the largest ITSM conference to share his experiences and reveal insights from his new book, The Lean IT Field Guide. Where do I Start: Best Practices for Combining Lean IT and ITIL Panelist   2/15/16 The Lean IT Field Guide – A Roadmap for Your Transformation   2/16/16 Lean […]

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Accountability, Engagement & Results – The Amazing Impact of Respectful Leadership

Ottawa, Ontario
February 8 & 9, 2016

Private 2- Day Workshop:    Creating value for customers is achieved through the effective alignment of every member of an organization. People require a shared mindset, skill set, and toolset with which to successfully create and flow value to the customer. To succeed, organizations must develop management systems that align work and behaviors with principles […]

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The Lean IT Transformation Foundations Beta Workshop

Columbus, Ohio
January 29, 2016

Our new book, The Lean IT Field Guide, has been widely received as a huge success! The book provides a roadmap of the steps and tools required to launch a successful Lean transformation in IT or any complex work environment. This is the first in a series of workshops as we develop learning opportunities to position attendees to successfully navigate […]

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15th Lean Enterprise Institute Polska

Wroclaw, Poland
June 16 - 18th, 2015

Returning to Poland to speak and teach at this outstanding Lean conference. This time I will be exploring connecting with customer to drive value in a service environment, developing managers as lean coaches, and leadership in context of the Shingo Prize model. In June 18th, we’ll spend the day at Hewlett-Packard experiencing the lean coaching […]

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The Shingo Series – Discover Excellence & Cultural Enablers

Plexus Boise - Nampa, Idaho
Feb. 10-13, 2015

Please join me for two incredible workshops: Discover Excellence and Cultural Enablers, the 2nd in the 4-part Shingo series ! We have a unique opportunity to present these two workshops at Plexus. This company is embracing the principles of excellence and cultural change and has been kind enough to open their workplace to us to see, […]

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Building A Safety System to Drive Behavior Workshop (Private)

11/11/14 - 11/12/14

Mike Orzen & Associates will be facilitating a hands-on workshop focused on building work systems to drive targeted behaviors. The workshop includes in-depth coverage of: Elements of a System Drivers of Behavior Build and Test Next Steps The workshop can be adapted to any work system your organization needs to build or improve. If you […]

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Lean Leadership Workshop (Private)

11/4/14 - 11/5/14

Mike Orzen & Associates will be presenting an interactive workshop to Senior Leaders and Management, covering Lean Leadership and Operational Excellence. The workshop includes in-depth coverage of: Modeling Ideal Behavior Teacher/Coach Gemba Walks Key Skills Transformational Roadmap If you are interested in learning how to bring this training to your organization, please Contact Us…

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Pre-summit Master Class: Lean Coaching in an IT Environment 4th European Lean IT Summit

Paris, France
10/15/14 (Summit: October 10/16/14 - 10/17/14)

Mike Orzen, Lean IT coach and 24-year practitioner of Lean, will lead an interactive hands-on workshop that will enable you to: Understand and apply the core skills of effective coaching with IT professionals Learn how to build, demonstrate, and inspire Lean thinking and Lean behavior Practice developing people in Lean behaviors and practices Apply Lean […]

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Coaching Boot Camp (Private Series*)

June - September, 2014

A key component of lasting transformation is the development of internal coaching skills and capabilities. In order to develop coaches, you need an experienced coach and a proven methodology. This training utilizes a learn-by-doing approach and relies on individual experience, reflection, and assessment to position coaching candidates to grow personally and professionally. The two-day boot […]

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Operational Excellence Workshops (Private Series*)

April - June 2014

Transformational Leadership Creating a Culture of Excellence Building Systems To Drive Ideal Behavior Team-based Problem Solving Developing Internal Coaching Capacity* For more information, call 503.313.0023

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The Shingo Insitute’s New “Discover Excellence” Workshop – a 2-Day Journey! Sandusky, Ohio & Maytag

Findlay, Ohio
05/06/14 - 05/07/14

Our foundational, two-day workshop that introduces the Shingo Model™, the Guiding Principles and the Three Insights to Enterprise Excellence™. With real-time discussions and on-site learning at a host organization, this program is a highly interactive experience. It is designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable as you learn how to release the latent potential in […]

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“Leading through Excellence” Summit, COE’s 2nd National Event

04/09/14 - 04/10/14

The Essential Ingredients of Operational Excellence – Why Transformations Fail & What You Can Do About It Practically every organization aspires towards Operational Excellence. The truth is that fewer than 10% of companies even come close to achieving this goal. Transformational change is very difficult for a number of reasons. Join Mike Orzen, a Lean […]

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Webinar with ThedaCare HealthCare Value Network

3/28/14 at 1:00 PM CST

Can’t get the clinical data you need and tired of waiting to get the reports from IT? Learn how to use scientific thinking and lean tools process to expand analytic capacity and accelerate the results of your quality improvement initiatives. Join us for an interview with Mike Orzen, co-author of Lean IT and Recipient of the 2011 Shingo […]

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Lean Project Management Workshop

Pink14, Las Vegas, NV
02/18/14 - 02/19/14

Formal Project Management is a process that’s used to successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and complete projects using specific skills and tools to accomplish the project requirements. However, to be effective, project managers need to do more than apply the methods of formal project management. Join Mike, a conference favorite, to learn the core […]

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Leveraging Information, People & Systems in Healthcare

John C. Lincoln, Phoenix, AZ
01/28/14 - 01/29/14

Do operational departments in your organization find themselves competing for IT resources to support improvement work? When IT and enterprise leaders understand the core principles and concepts of lean and how they can be applied to IT operations, as well as support the lean initiatives throughout the organization, they become a key enabler of the […]

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