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20th Annual IT Service Management Conference – Pink ’16

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Once again, Mike has been invited back to the largest ITSM conference to share his experiences and reveal insights from his new book, The Lean IT Field Guide.

  • Where do I Start: Best Practices for Combining Lean IT and ITIL Panelist   2/15/16
  • The Lean IT Field Guide – A Roadmap for Your Transformation   2/16/16
  • Lean IT & Leading with Respect: Using Respect for People to Enable Engagement, Teamwork, Accountability & Amazing Results   2/17/16

Accountability, Engagement & Results – The Amazing Impact of Respectful Leadership

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Private 2- Day Workshop:   

Creating value for customers is achieved through the effective alignment of every member of an organization. People require a shared mindset, skill set, and toolset with which to successfully create and flow value to the customer. To succeed, organizations must develop management systems that align work and behaviors with principles and purpose in ways that are understood, meaningful, actionable, and consistent.

Leveraging the concepts of the Shingo model of Operational Excellence, this workshop addresses the essential component of enterprise alignment within an organization and the relationship between Purpose, Process, and People. The hands-on workshop deeply explores and applies three key principles: think systemically, create constancy of purpose, and create value for the customer and uses breakouts for attendees to apply these concepts to their work environment. Contact Us for More Information 

The Lean IT Transformation Foundations Beta Workshop

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Our new book, The Lean IT Field Guide, has been widely received as a huge success! The book provides a roadmap of the steps and tools required to launch a successful Lean transformation in IT or any complex work environment. This is the first in a series of workshops as we develop learning opportunities to position attendees to successfully navigate an enterprise-wide cultural transformation built on the bedrock of Purpose, Process, People, and Technology!

This beta workshop is only one to a select group of organizations.

The most difficult step to take in a Lean IT transformation is the very first one. Organizations fall into the trap of learning lean concepts and talking about the possibilities, but the initial excitement fades and the transformation never gets off the ground. Lack of alignment to organizational purpose, inability to figure out where to start, and fear of making mistakes all conspire to keep companies from ever getting started in the first place.

This one day seminar, based on the highly successful book, The Lean IT Field Guide by Mike Orzen and Tom Paider, will provide participants an understanding of the foundational elements needed for a successful lean transformation and practical experience identifying and executing the key activities of pre-launch and day zero activities.

The workshop will focus on preparing you to implement the foundation of a sustainable lean transformation, not just focus on terms, definitions, and theory without application!

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Gain understanding of the core elements of the Lean IT Roadmap
  • Identify your organization’s current strengths, challenges, and readiness to begin a Lean IT transformation
  • Learn to apply key concepts, methods, and tools critical to successful transformation
  • Acquire the skills to plan and launch a lean transformation using a case study simulation
  • Reflect on how you will apply these concepts and tools to get started at your organization


15th Lean Enterprise Institute Polska

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Returning to Poland to speak and teach at this outstanding Lean conference. This time I will be exploring connecting with customer to drive value in a service environment, developing managers as lean coaches, and leadership in context of the Shingo Prize model.

In June 18th, we’ll spend the day at Hewlett-Packard experiencing the lean coaching workshop at the gemba!

For more information and to see the other outstanding speakers who will be there please go here.

The Shingo Series – Discover Excellence & Cultural Enablers

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Please join me for two incredible workshops: Discover Excellence and Cultural Enablers, the 2nd in the 4-part Shingo series !

We have a unique opportunity to present these two workshops at Plexus. This company is embracing the principles of excellence and cultural change and has been kind enough to open their workplace to us to see, listen, and learn from their experience! The transformation taking place at their Boise site is something to experience and to learn from. Come and stand in their shoes, see, understand, and deeply learn the principles of Enterprise Excellence and how they are effectively applied to daily work!

You can learn more about all four Shingo workshops here.

Facilitator: Mike Orzen

From an attendee: “I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the Shingo Discover course. It was very beneficial. Mike Orzen is very talented and a great communicator. It was encouraging to see how the host company, Plexus, is on this journey continuing to discover that “Ideal Results Require Ideal Behavior”. We are at the beginning of our journey but we look forward to learning from Plexus and others as the discoveries continue.”

Sign up for Discover here!

Sign up for Enable here!

Building A Safety System to Drive Behavior Workshop (Private)

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Mike Orzen & Associates will be facilitating a hands-on workshop focused on building work systems to drive targeted behaviors. The workshop includes in-depth coverage of:

  • Elements of a System
  • Drivers of Behavior
  • Build and Test
  • Next Steps

The workshop can be adapted to any work system your organization needs to build or improve. If you are interested obtaining more information or learning how to bring this training to your organization, please Contact Us…

Lean Leadership Workshop (Private)

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Mike Orzen & Associates will be presenting an interactive workshop to Senior Leaders and Management, covering Lean Leadership and Operational Excellence. The workshop includes in-depth coverage of:

  • Modeling Ideal Behavior
  • Teacher/Coach
  • Gemba Walks
  • Key Skills
  • Transformational Roadmap

If you are interested in learning how to bring this training to your organization, please Contact Us…

Pre-summit Master Class: Lean Coaching in an IT Environment 4th European Lean IT Summit

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Mike Orzen, Lean IT coach and 24-year practitioner of Lean, will lead an interactive hands-on workshop that will enable you to:

  • Understand and apply the core skills of effective coaching with IT professionals
  • Learn how to build, demonstrate, and inspire Lean thinking and Lean behavior
  • Practice developing people in Lean behaviors and practices
  • Apply Lean Thinking to enable Respect for People throughout the enterprise
  • Practice coaching the PDCA-based problem solving cycle
  • Challenge yourself to learn by doing!

This class is based on actual client engagements and uses case studies, lecture, group break out exercises, and role-playing. The course alternates between theory, hands-on exercises, and discussion. To Register…

Coaching Boot Camp (Private Series*)

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A key component of lasting transformation is the development of internal coaching skills and capabilities. In order to develop coaches, you need an experienced coach and a proven methodology. This training utilizes a learn-by-doing approach and relies on individual experience, reflection, and assessment to position coaching candidates to grow personally and professionally. The two-day boot camp is followed with a series of assignments and supported with regularly scheduled remote coaching sessions.

* For more information, call 503.313.0023

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