Ask the Author Webinar: Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

10/31/17 at 11 AM EDT

Join us for the next Ask the Author webinar on October 31 at 11:00 a.m. EDT! Listen to author and thought leader Mike Orzen talk with Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute, about the newest Drilldown course: Value Stream Mapping for DevOps. This non-certification course “drills down” into the principles and practices necessary for mapping IT’s […]

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Lean IT Summit Keynote

Paris France
March 14, 2017

Lean IT, DevOps & Agile – Learnings from Nationwide Six years ago, Nationwide (an insurance and financial services company with US$26 billion in annual revenues) embarked on building industry leading software engineering capabilities. Their lean journey has enabled and engaged their 9,000+ person IT organization to deliver great solutions to customers and partners with ever-increasing […]

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Lean IT Summit – Lean IT Master Class: Building Your Lean IT Roadmap

Paris France
March 13, 2017

This one day workshop, based on the book, The Lean IT Field Guide by Mike Orzen and Tom Paider, will provide participants with an understanding of the foundational elements needed for a successful lean transformation and practical experience identifying and executing the key activities of pre-launch and day zero activities.

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Lean IT Foundation Certification Workshop

Fairfield Inn & Suites OSU, Columbus Ohio
November 9 and 10, 2016

Course Description  IT organizations are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and value for the business. Lean IT is applied to transform your IT organization to a customer-focused, efficient and transparent IT organization that can deliver sustainable results to the business. The Lean IT Foundation training covers all elements to introduce […]

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A Roadmap for Transformation – Clarifying the Path Forward

Worcester, MA
October 5, 2016

If it works in IT, it can work anywhere! Every organization pursuing change and transformation is looking for clarity around what to do, when to do it, and key checkpoints along the way. Why do the vast majority of lean transformations fall short of the benefits expected? What are the key elements that distinguish a successful […]

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