Coach Development Workshops


A fundamental element to building a lasting transformation is the development of internal talent to influence the behavior and thinking of your people. When all is said and done, it is the collective thinking, beliefs, and values of your people that influence how work gets accomplished, how they treat each other, and ultimately their commitment to creating excellent products and services for your customers.

Lean Coaching in Complex Environments (2 Days)

This workshop, developed by Mike Orzen, Lean coach and 25-year practitioner of Lean, takes you through an interactive, hands-on process that will enable you to:

  • Understand and apply the core skills of effective coaching with service, manufacturing, and support professionals
  • Learn how to build, demonstrate, and inspire Lean thinking and Lean behavior
  • Discover how to develop people in Lean behaviors and practices
  • Apply Lean thinking to enable respect for people throughout the enterprise
  • Practice coaching the PDCA-based Lean problem solving
  • Challenge yourself to learn by doing!

Session Format:

This training is based on actual client engagements and uses lecture, group break out exercises, discussion, case study, and role-play. The course alternates between theory, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussion.

Praise for Lean Coaching in Complex Environments:

This workshop has been shared with organizations ranging in size from 100 to 5,000 employees and consistently receives rankings of outstanding from over 75% of participants. One client expressed:

“This workshop has created the single most significant change in my leadership team than any other training we have ever experienced!”

Target Audience:

Skilled Lean practitioners, as well as those just starting out with Lean, will gain useful insights and new coaching skills they can apply immediately. Senior leadership, middle managers, Lean champions, change managers, project managers, program directors, team leaders, team members, anyone wishing to improve their coaching skills.