Enterprise Excellence Workshops

enterpriseLean, Six Sigma, LeanSigma, Total Quality, World Class Management – these words are used to describe the performance of organizations, work processes, and teams, and various methods of achieving great results. We prefer Enterprise Excellence because it is all-inclusive and captures the essence and ultimate focus of all these disciplines. Excellence describes a standard of performance and which quality which is unusually good and surpasses ordinary standards. Excellence at an enterprise level requires a widespread application of great behavior and effective teamwork resulting in great results.

Excellence is ultimately unattainable, because great organizations constantly strive for higher levels of performance. This is what it means to seek perfection, all the time knowing that it can never be realized. Enterprise excellence provides the True North aspirational purpose that is needed to align and focus people, teams, departments, functions, and organizations toward a common objective.

Great organizations that build a culture of enterprise excellence do so on four distinct dimensions:

  • Culture and Favorable Work Environment
  • Continuous Process Improvement and Team-based Problem Solving
  • Alignment of Purpose
  • Great Results From Great Behavior

Mike Orzen & Associates works with our clients to leverage your company’s mission, values, culture, and core processes to create and support progress towards all four dimensions of enterprise excellence.

The Enterprise Excellence Workshop
Offered in Two Formats:
4-Hour Executive Session and 2-Day Workshop

This event takes participants through the foundational ideas of Enterprise Excellence and explores the core behaviors that are required at all levels of the organization. The workshop uses exercises and breakouts to provide a practical view of Lean and Six Sigma, which serves to level set team understanding of the core methods and tools of process improvement. Most importantly, we explore the specifics on where to begin your transformation, recruiting people and teams, and a roadmap for success. Whether you are just starting your Lean journey or have been at it for years, this workshop will help you moved from a flavor-of-the-month tools-based approach to a sustainable principle-based method to transform your organization.

The executive overview of the course is designed for busy executives and quickly engages them and focuses on the things they need to know and the key roll they need to play in an effective transformation. The approach we use had been applauded by executives from a variety of industries and from local organizations to multinational corporations.

Topics Include:

  • What is Enterprise Excellence?
  • Why Behavior Matters
  • Lean Six Sigma Primer
  • Getting Started
  • Roles, Teams & Focus Areas
  • A Roadmap for Success