Lean Workshops

leanThe methods and tools of Lean and Six Sigma are wide and deep. Over the years, we have learned which ones are most effective in bringing about a change in people’s behavior and in achieving and sustaining measureable results. Experience has taught us that a heavy focus on tools can create a short-term excitement and temporary results, but fail to change the daily behavior and thinking of people. Our workshops are based on over twenty years of practice in various industries applying the thinking, problem solving, coaching, and communication skills necessary to create lasting change for the better.

Lean 101 - Lean Boot Camp

Basic Training – Two Days

The name of this workshop says it all. This hands-on session leverages exercises, breakouts, and simulations in a fun way to engage attendees and enable them to begin to embrace the excitement, responsibility, and promise of creating a Lean workplace. We cover the core concepts of Lean (and even briefly touch on Six Sigma), the eight most impactful tools of process improvement, and the four key systems that drive transformation.

Attendees leave the workshop armed with the knowledge they need to go back to work and begin to apply the practice of continuous process improvement.

Lean Coaching for Transformation

An effective transformation requires internal coaches who can support your people as they begin to apply the tools of improvement to their everyday work. It is essential that you begin to create internal capability immediately so you are not reliant on outside resources to evolve towards higher levels of behavior and performance. In fact, it is your internal coaches who will play a very significant role in creating and sustaining your transformation.

In order to effectively introduce and sustain new thinking and behaviors that support Lean, effective coaching is essential. Coaching becomes even more of a challenge due to the reactive nature of people, the complexity of the work, and uniqueness of skills sets. If you are wondering how to develop yourself and others to be an effective coach – this workshop is for you!

Lean Coaching for Transformation Boot Camp – 2 Days

This award-winning workshop builds on the Lean Basics and directly addresses what people need to know and master in order to develop into effective transformational coaches. The sessions are based on actual client engagements and use case studies, lecture, group break out exercises, and role-playing. The course alternates between theory, hands-on exercises, and discussions.

  • Understand and apply the core skills of effective coaching
  • Learn how to build, demonstrate, and inspire Lean thinking and Lean behavior
  • The role of a coach in context of transformation
  • Key coaching skills
  • Practice developing people in Lean behaviors and practices
  • Apply Lean Thinking to enable Respect for People through the enterprise
  • Practice coaching Lean problem solving
  • Case Studies to bring it all together
  • Challenge yourself to learn by doing – what happens tomorrow!

Kaizen Workshop

3 to 5 Days

In order for people to learn how to apply the ideas and tools of Lean in a real setting, the best approach is to take a problem or opportunity your organization is facing, pull the right people together for a few days, and hold a Kaizen workshop. The workshop pulls people together from different parts of the business to clear identify the problem you are trying to solve, understand the value stream (all the steps you currently take to deliver value to your customers), identify pain points, develop countermeasures, prioritize activities, test your improvement ideas, implement fixes, and plan for follow up.

These sessions are intense, energy-packed, honest looks at what is working, what is not, and what needs to change to make measureable progress. The impact of an outside facilitator is felt almost immediately as we bring no “baggage” to the conversation and can ask the tough questions. In fact, part of our roll is to stir things up a little and challenge your assumptions and paradigms!

The workshop includes the application of several Lean tools including value stream mapping, root cause analysis, and the Lean problem solving kata.

  • Address a Real Issue, Problem, or Opportunity using a methodical proven approach
  • Learn-by-doing: the Why and the How of Lean Principles, Methods, and Tools
  • Hands-on Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
  • Learn a New Way to Understand and Manage Interdependencies
  • Consider New Ideas Around Success and What It Really Means

Lean IT

2 or 3 Days

Information and Technology play a vital roll in any organization; today it is virtually impossible to do our work without relying on technology. While IT can play an enabling roll for the business, it can also be a disabling force when the IT is not aligned with the rest of the organization. This can become very apparent when a company has embarked on an organizational transformation, be it Lean or another form of Enterprise Excellence.

The concepts, methods, and tools of Lean can be effectively applied to IT, but many companies struggle in this area. Mike Orzen & Associates has worked with IT groups across numerous industries from banking to logistics, successfully introducing Lean IT the leaders, managers, and associates within the IT group. To be successful, specific IT-based examples are used to illustrate core concepts, and the stories that are told are all told from the perspective of the IT staff. This approach adds a level of credibility and understanding that is often missing when Lean is introduced to IT departments.

  • Discuss the ideas of Enterprise Excellence, Lean, and Lean IT
  • Learn the Why and the How of Lean Principles, Methods & Tools
  • Hands-on Value Stream Mapping
  • Consider a New Way to View the Roll of IT
  • Answer questions, share ideas along the way
  • Introduce new ways of thinking and acting

Building Systems to Drive Behaviors

3 Days

A core tenet in Enterprise Excellence is that behavior is driven by: 1) thinking and beliefs, and 2) work systems. Thinking and beliefs are personal, unique, and developed by years or upbringing, education, and experience. Trying to change thinking and beliefs is like trying to change nature – perhaps we can make a dent, but the forces we are working against can be very resilient and even obstinate. A more affective approach is to influence peoples’ way of acting (their behavior). In time, if new behaviors create better results than old behaviors, their thinking will change!

The most effective way to change behavior is to develop work systems that directly influence the actions taken by people in their daily work. This workshop introduces the core concepts of:

  • Thinking and Acting
  • How and Why Work Systems Drive Behavior
  • Relevant Core Lean Concepts You Need to Know
  • The Core Systems of Transformation
  • How to Build Work Systems

The majority of the workshop is devoted to applying these new concepts while building a system that the group will implement, test, and adjust.

This workshop was developed in response to several companies who had attended Shingo training and asked, “How do I actually build the systems the Shingo Model is talking about?” See more about Shingo Institute training.[MAO2]