Humberto Melo

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I strongly recommend MIke Orzen as a knowledgeable consultant in Operational Excellence. I have worked with Mr. Orzen during the last 18 months and he has assisted my team to develop an Operational Excellence Model for Monsanto.

Mr. Orzen has a unique style of coaching, in guiding an organization to “discover” the key concepts and develop the required systems to drive behaviors in the organization. This attribute is more powerful than just “instruction”, since the team embraces the model early in the development stage. He also has a high level of energy, which drives and motivates the team. In addition, his facilitation skills engage every individual in the room.

Finally, he was completely engaged with my team as his customers, to be successful in the Operational Excellence journey. He provided additional follow-up and coaching during the implementation phase.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at your convenience.