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At Mike Orzen & Associates, Inc., we envision a workplace where challenges are embraced, excellence is celebrated, and every individual is empowered to thrive. Our mission is to transform organizations into environments that foster the best in their teams, cultivating healthy cultures and strong leadership. We guide organizations toward sustainable success through our expertise in instilling the right thinking, implementing effective systems, fostering presence of mind, and leveraging value-enabling technology. Join us on the journey to imagine and create a better workplace for you and your team.

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With over two decades of experience in Lean, IT, and operations, Mike Orzen & Associates, Inc. specializes in leader/manager coaching, training, and consulting. Our expertise spans multiple industries, including manufacturing, service, IT, logistics, insurance, healthcare, aerospace, and food & beverage. We offer tailored workshops, coaching, and consulting engagements to lead your organization toward enterprise excellence.

Renew Workspaces

Our core principles, including healthy culture and leadership, right thinking and systems, presence of mind, and value-enabling technology, guide us in transforming workplaces into environments where every individual's unique contributions are valued and nurtured. The values of respect, enablement, and engagement form the foundation of our approach to developing successful work environments.

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Empower Your Team

Our workshops provide hands-on experience, enabling attendees to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. Coaching at Mike Orzen & Associates, Inc. is about fostering skillful and supportive growth, ensuring lasting change through practical application. Consulting services offer expert guidance on cultural change and the application of operational excellence principles tailored to meet your unique challenges and opportunities.

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Choose Mike Orzen & Associates for a partner who cares deeply about your success. We connect through respect, humility, honesty, and humor and share our extensive experience in enterprise excellence to create lasting change in your organization. Learn more about what we can do to sustain the success of your organization.