Respect people by developing the unique contribution of every individual, actively listening and supporting, and creating a work environment where everyone can be successful


Enable people by providing the leadership, training, tools, methods, and coaching support they need to be successful


Engage people to own and improve business processes as a central part of their daily work

Jackie Barretta

Mike’s grasp of applying Lean to IT issues is very rare. We successfully completed numerous improvement Kaizens throughout our IT functional areas with impressive results. His ability to effectively work with people at all levels of the organization made the experience possible.

Jackie Barretta

Robert J. Witt

Mike Orzen and Associates has helped guide the development and implementation of large and complex ERP, EDI, and CRM projects at Veris. I believe the success we have seen with these projects is a direct result of Mike Orzen and Associates ability, expertise,and commitment.

Robert J. Witt
Veris Industries

Robert Witt, Dir MI

I have worked with Mike Orzen and Associates on numerous projects centered around IT and business process improvement. They have consistently provided high-quality project management skills, experienced insight and a relentless focus on delivering value.

Robert Witt, Dir MI



Service Offerings

Hands-on experience provides people with the practice and understanding required to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. Our workshops are entertaining, challenging, and experiential and use first-hand examples from a variety of industries to illustrate the practical application of key principles, methods, and tools.

When workshops are combined with pre-session reading and thought as well as post-session assignments and scheduled follow ups, attendees internalize the learning and see tangible benefits in their daily work. Learn more

People learn best by doing. Reading a book, watching a YouTube, or attending a conference rarely changes behaviors or achieves lasting results at an individual, team, and departmental levels. An essential element to your success is the development of Leaders, Managers, and select Associates as coaches. To become a good coach, you need a good coach; that’s where we come in! Our clients have described our coaching method and transfer of coaching skills as, “the best in the world!” Learn more

When you need expert guidance on cultural change, transformation, Lean and Enterprise Excellence, you want a partner who has been in the trenches and learned what works and what doesn't work in a variety of industries and functional disciplines. You also require total honesty and candidness.

When it comes to “seeing the whole” and bringing new ways of thinking to your organization, there is nothing as valuable as having outside eyes that bring a fresh perspective to your challenges and opportunities. Our consulting services include advising businesses on how best to apply the principles of Enterprise Excellence to drive alignment and measureable results.

We may not tell you what you want to hear, but we will always tell you what we know, what we see, and what needs to take place in order for your organization to achieve its objectives. Read More

Why Mike Orzen?

We care by taking a sincere interest in the success of your people, because we know firsthand the challenges of learning, transformation, and change.

We connect by treating everyone with respect and leading with humility, honesty, and humor. People only care how much you know after they know how much you really care.

We coach because skillful, supportive coaching fosters new skills and behaviors. Our clients have described our coaching method as, “the best in the world!”

We share over twenty years of direct experience in Enterprise Excellence and Lean. When people learn ideas in context of stories, they understand and apply them more effectively to challenges and opportunities they currently face.

Our Founder