Presence of Mind

Presence of mind, or mindfulness as it commonly referred to, is an essential skill for leaders. In fact, leaders who have not developed the ability to be focused, calm and nonjudgmental negatively impact their direct reports who in turn contaminate the subordinate teams who do the work. This manifests as the unconscious organization where people live on autopilot and in a perpetual state of reactive fire-fighting.

We introduce simple but highly effective mindfulness techniques to you and your team and let you witness the amazing effect. These techniques have been validated in countless organizations and functional areas (if it works with IT professionals, it will work with anybody!). Companies actively benefiting from presence of mind practices include IBM, Aetna, Nike, General Mills, Google, Apple and Goldman Sachs.

The key is integrating these practices into daily work routines and creating systems that reinforce specific behaviors which foster presence and focus of what’s right in front of us – here and now. What may be most surprising and encouraging is the positive impact these practices have on productivity, communication, problem solving and lean thinking.