Applying Standard Work to Create Flow for Service

The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio
January 9, 2018
  • A case study utilizing a service center at Nationwide Insurance is used to illustrate the application of lean in a service environment
  • Creating Flow in a Service Environment module includes:
    • Leveraging standard work in a service environment including quantifying demand, analyzing takt, and resource utilization
    • Identifying impediments to flow related to work balance, actual versus takt, and developing countermeasures for leveling work across the value stream

Comments from attendees:

  • Having the case studies helped to decipher the concepts and was very helpful – thank you!
  • Great content!
  • This session was great! Much needed for service area, wish we had some of this earlier
  •   I found this content and work to be the some of the most relevant & pertinent thus f
  • r! Really enjoyed the pre-lunch objectives; they were very real world & stimulated me to think about ways to apply concepts back in the workplace
  • I liked the class today. It was very helpful to hear & discuss service value streams. The discussion helped me to clearly understand the relationship between value stream mapping and standard work.
  • One of the best sessions of the entire Master’s program!

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