Our unique blend of Lean, IT and Operations insights spans more than 25 years, and includes the successful application of Value Stream Management, Digital Transformation, Lean, Agile, DevOps and Operational Excellence strategies in many environments including Manufacturing and Service industries, IT, Logistics, Insurance, Healthcare, Aerospace, and Food & Beverage. Our services, as our company logo suggests, are based on leading your organization forward along a path in pursuit of enterprise excellence. We are positioned to help your organization in several ways by offering various formats to choose from: customized Workshops, Coaching, and Consulting engagements. How may we best serve your needs?



We offer a range of one to three-day workshops on: Organizational Transformation, Lean IT for Business, Lean IT for Healthcare, and ERP Selection and Implementation as well as others.

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For improvements to last beyond a few months, people need to change daily behavior. Engagement, problem solving and accountability have to become part of the essential fabric of your organization.

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Our approach to consulting stresses knowledge transfer and support. We bring the experience and know-how, and our process ensures your people participate, develop, and own the solution.

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