Effective coaching is essential in order to introduce and sustain new organizational thinking and behaviors that support Lean as well as Agile and DevOps. In a service, manufacturing or support setting, coaching becomes even more of a challenge due to the reactive nature of the job, complexity of the work, and uniqueness of skills sets. Unfortunately, many organizations wait too long address this need.

The time to begin developing your internal coaches is at the beginning of your journey! In our experience, the best way to accelerate your transformation is to cultivate coaches as champions and influencers of the change you wish to see in your company.

For a person to become an effective coach, they need an effective and experienced mentor. To become a good coach, your people need more than training in Lean concepts, they need someone who can act as a model, a teacher, and a sounding board.

If you are wondering how to develop yourself and others to be an effective coach – we have a Coaching workshop for you!