Lean IT Workshops & Professional Designations

Lean IT Foundation

The Lean IT Foundation workshop is two days. During this training, you will learn the fundamentals of Lean and how to effectively apply Lean to IT domains. You will apply the learning with hands-on exercises to build new skills you’ll be able to apply at work. The training will also introduce the social aspects of Lean IT such as change approaches and how to influence peoples’ behaviors and attitudes. All the exercises are applied to information and communications technology, but no technical IT knowledge is required.

This course is delivered using an exciting case study designed to further enhance the candidate’s understanding of Lean IT. Attendees of this course are prepared to successfully take the Lean IT Foundation certification exam which is a requirement for attending any of the other Lean IT courses available.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts behind Lean and how Lean is effectively applied in IT
  • Analyze customer value and translate the voice of the customer
  • Understand core Lean concepts and principles
  • Diagnose and improve processes with value stream mapping
  • Problem solve with the Kaizen approach
  • Work with the DMAIC improvement cycle
  • Identify improvement activities that impact process results
  • Understand essential Lean behaviors & attitudes
  • Prepare and qualify to take the Lean IT Foundation certification exam

Lean IT Kaizen

The Lean IT Kaizen Lead workshop is three days. During this training, you will learn the key aspects of organizing and running a kaizen improvement event. This workshop will position you to successfully plan and facilitate a Lean IT kaizen event.

We will go deeply into the DMAIC model of problem solving. In addition, we explore the A3 method of guiding Lean thinking throughout the kaizen event. This material is delivered using specific examples and breakout exercises to further enhance your understanding and ability to apply Lean IT.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Organize and lead a kaizen event
  • Teach others the DMAIC and PDCA models
  • Effectively identify and define problems
  • Create a data collection plan
  • Analyze root cause
  • Understand and apply different improvement methods
  • Make a control plan
  • Ensure the sustainability of improvements
  • Prepare and qualify to take the Lean IT Kaizen certification exam

Lean IT Leadership

The Lean IT Leadership workshop builds on the basic knowledge acquired through the Lean IT Foundation course. This workshop focuses on ensuring that people fulfilling a leadership role within a IT organization know what they need to do to help to develop their people in support of Lean IT attitudes, behaviors and practices. The role may be carried out in a formal or informal capacity – after all, everyone van be a leader based on their actions. One of the core tasks of Lean IT Leadership is “leading by example” though modeling and teaching continuous improvement.

A key component of the course are the principles of Operational Excellence as defined in the Shingo Model. Your instructor (Mike Orzen) has been an assessor and trainer with the Shingo Institute for over 8 years. People following the Lean IT Leadership curriculum may benefit from first understanding the Lean IT Kaizen Lead role (offered in the previous workshop) although it is not required to sit for this session. This workshop will expand your understanding of what it means to be an effective leader and the specific behaviors of a Lean leader.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to lead a Lean IT transformation
  • Understand the core principles of Operational Excellence
  • Know the key components of systemic thinking
  • Be familiar with Lean Leadership versus traditional leadership styles
  • Know the 4 aspects of the Lean Leadership development model
  • See IT as 5 flows of value
  • Compare Lean Leadership and Level 5 Leadership
  • Appreciate the importance of self-development of a Lean leader
  • Understand Leader standard work
  • Apply PDCA, Kaizen mindset and Kata to leadership practices
  • Leverage Gemba walks to drive a Lean IT culture
  • Prepare and qualify to take the Lean IT Leadership certification exam

Lean IT Coach (under development – to be offered in 2017)